In 2007 Chris Bishell, hearing about an elderly patient who was to be admitted to hospital for urgent care struggling to put together her toiletry items whilst the ambulance was waiting, identified the need for patients to have access to Personal Care kits during their emergency/acute admissions to Tauranga Public Hospital.

Starting small with volunteers and donations from friends, family and local businesses, Chris realised that it was important to form a charitable trust in order to be able to move to a different level of sponsorship.

On 20th September 2010 the P.E.T Charitable Trust Incorporated was registered. This enables us to apply for sponsorship from companies and other organisations.

Our first sponsors were the Todd Gower Team and now Legacy Trust have continued their support to the present day. TECT (Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust) became our second sponsors in 2015.

In 2017, we started to provide emergency toiletry packs to the Waipuna Hospice in Tauranga.

The charity is still run on a voluntary basis and will continue to donate emergency toiletry packs to the local Hospital and Hospice as long as they are needed. We are pleased to be able to fulfil a need for patients who may not otherwise have access to a toiletries pack.

Trustees of the
P.E.T Charitable Trust Inc ( 2504539):

Chris Bishell (Principal)
Gary Bishell
Michelle Doughty